APACALDA is the name of singer/songwriter Cassandra Angheluta, a Montreal based artist.

APACALDA, meaning “warm water” in her mother tongue, Romanian, is a reflection of Cassandra’s means of movement through her art and life. A reminder to reconnect to the warm water that can calm and ground you, despite the chaos and unpredictability of outside circumstances.

Creating music has been a means of alchemising her residual emotional traumas from past and present experiences through the one medium that brings any resolve within her. She showcases a unique complexity between the realms of feeling and sound.

Melancholic, dreamy, enigmatic and hauntingly beautiful, APACALDA is creating her own immersive world with a refreshed approach to indie, electronic POP meets dream wave sounds.

Set to release her debut self-titled EP in fall 2022.




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