Aidan Skira


Emerging from the depths of his basement studio in Vaughan Ontario, Canada, 20 year old Aidan Skira is driven by a visceral need to get his dark and yet hopeful perspective out into the world. Growing up in a working-class suburban family, Skira’s “sheltered upbringing”, hid him from the atrocities of the modern world. Now deep into the trials & tribulations of adolescence, he is discovering the realities of adulthood & using his music and animations to makes sense of it all. A one man show, he has a vision all is own; he is self-taught, self-produced, & self-animated. With an organic following of bedroom-music-heads & kids from the suburbs who relate to the heartbreak of being exposed to the truths of adult life, Aidan Skira knows he has a unique perspective to share – and is bringing his people with him. With early traction on Soundcloud and tastemaker YouTube channels, Aidan Skira is making his carving out a lane all his own.




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