Action Forever


Sim, the bandleader of Action Forever, grew up in Brantford, Ontario. His obsession with music began at age five and, for the next two decades, his natural talents were fostered by a musical family upbringing and constant exposure to a unique and eclectic mix of influences ranging namely from 80’s pop, to progressive rock, to Jazz and Indie.

He studied business as well as applied music, while gigging as a lead singer & guitarist in many bands including a Police cover band (Blue Turtle) and a progressive-rock tribute act (Bypass Off). Sim won Hamilton’s Brian Lee Griffith Guitar contest for an original composition and a live performance.

With guitar and voice as his primary instruments, he learned drums and bass as well and now plays most of the instruments on his own original work.

He’d been working for years on a body of original fringe-pop music for a 4-piece band, now to be released under the name Action Forever. The music, while lively, electric, melodic and danceable, explores darker themes such as loneliness in a digital age, abusive relationships, loss of identity, and mental health.




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