A Muffled Snore


{An} EeL
{AN} EeL is an international experimental artist – With roots in Alaska, expanding to the midwestern USA, Seattle Washington & Austin Texas, which brings us to the current lair of Ontario, Canada. Developing much of the aesthetic during time spent in the Mail Art & Punk Rock scene ( Shout out to Lost Cross ) and the Dreamtime Village in Wis. In the last decade there’s been a particular focus on music / sound exploration. This collaboration reflects a long standing impulse to create with other individuals, with a particular enjoyment / emphasis on crossing barriers & creating new spaces to inhabit. And speaking of collaborations, {AN} EeL has been a member of many musical groups – The Good / The Bad / The Ugly / The other guy , Hippies with Guns, {RE}:Tkus, Pavlov’s Industrial Sarong & others. There have been collaborations with Jaap Blonk, KK Null, Sandy Ewen, Phil Minton, RIGID, Pilgrimess, Kazumoto Endo, The Mary Barnes Experience, Kayla Milmine, and many others. This release represents a continuation of this collaborative spirit

David Sait
Toronto based musician David Sait has improvised and composed on the 21-string guzheng for almost two decades. His aim is to create melodic, haunting and ethereal world sounds inspired by the energy of the moment and the spirit of experimentation. David has recorded several solo albums, highlights include “Hail the Hunted” + “Good Luck Corporation” and has collaborated with several esteemed local and International musicians. He produced/curated “Sixty Interpretations of Sixty Seconds”, a compilation of recordings featuring 60 distinct musicians from across the World. Sait has performed at many venues including the Royal Ontario Museum, St. George the Martyr Church (Music Gallery), Saks Fifth Avenue and the 7A*11D International Festival of Performance Art. David plays monthly with the Toronto Improvisors Orchestra, in duet with Friendly Rich as “the Flower City Tire Fire”, with the REAson d’etre Contact Dance Jam on guzheng since 2007 and annually for John Oswald’s “a Rather Large Acoustic Ensemble”. In all that he does, David strives to perform with a diverse community of musicians and spaces, believing that a wide range of styles, instruments and philosophies only broaden his passion.

Friendly Rich
Friendly Rich is a mad composer from Oakville, Canada. Mr. Rich composed background music for 3 seasons of MTV’s The Tom Green Show. Since 1994, he has recorded exclusively for his own eclectic record label, The Pumpkin Pie Corporation. Rich just completed his PhD in music education from the University of Toronto under the supervision of Dr. Lee Bartel.

Friendly Rich and his modern music ensemble The Lollipop People have toured the world, sharing the stage alongside such artists as Of Montreal, The Tiger Lillies, and Amanda Palmer.




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